Join the October challenge

Use a Dexcom continuous glucose monitor, a financial stake, and a supportive community to hold yourself accountable to clean eating for 28 days.

Challenge starts October 3rd.

register NOw • $199
Then a $25/day stake for accountability.

Key Challenge Dates

Sep 19, 2022
Registration Deadline
Oct 3, 2022
Start Date
Oct 30, 2022
End Date

How it Works

1. Stake Money
You pay $199 to join the challenge.  This covers sensors, Levels membership, and challenge costs.
2. Trial Period
You get 3 free days at the beginning of each sensor (6 free days total). You’ll use this time to experiment with your new sensor.
3. Challenge Starts
After the trial days, your goal is to complete the challenge objective each day.
4. Stay Accountable
Stay below 120mg/dL each day.  Do well and keep your entire stake while hitting your goals.

Challenge Objective

The objective of the challenge is to avoid 120mg/dL+ glucose spikes.


Here’s a detailed breakdown of the cost to join this challenge.

Sensors + Challenge Fee

Access to Levels and Dexcom sensors.
one time

Challenge Stake

(For Accountability)
Keep your stake after each qualified day.
/ day
for 22 days

While doing the challenge(s) I’ve lost over 21.5lbs and expect I’ll be able to keep it off from now on. I highly recommend the program. I have tested eating sugar and starches & diet drinks and hard cider/wine and can see the results immediately.

Cohort 8

Join the Challenge

Hit reset and make a commitment to yourself for 28 days.

👉 Already have a Levels subscription? Let us know on the registration form and we’ll discount the sensor fee.