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Next challenge:  August 17th, 2020.

Join a 28-day continuous glucose monitor challenge. You'll wager money, wear a continuous glucose monitor, and earn your money back for each day they are under the challenge's blood glucose threshold. Average participants report a 90% success rate and an average weight loss of 9lbs.


Here’s how it works:

  • You'll pay $850 to enroll in the challenge. This is purely to create incentives for you to stick to the challenge.  This payment  consists of a $150 payment for the sensors (a $399 value) as well as your $700 challenge wager which you can fully earn back if you stay under range all 28 days.
  • You get a continuous glucose monitor . You'll receive two 14-day continuous glucose monitors, access to the invite-only Levels Metabolic fitness program,  keto/low-carb resources and a private community to share and learn with fellow participants.

    Please note: The Wearable Challenge is not financially reciprocated by referring participants to Levels.
  • You'll stay in range and earn money back. For each day your blood glucose levels stay within range, you'll earn $25 back.You'll be able to monitor your "earnings" from a dashboard, and a lump sum payout will be sent via PayPal at the end of the challenge.

    If you stick with the whole 28 day challenge, you'll have earned $700 of your $850 payment back. You'll have paid only $150 to get a $399 CGM, all while achieving your metabolic goals! Not bad!

*Some Levels products used in the Wearable Challenge are available by prescription only. A licensed physician will review your request to determine if such a product is right for you. If not, you will receive a quick and unconditional refund.

The Challenge Rules

Some important details before we get started; please read carefully before applying to join the challenge.

  • 01
    Location: must live in either PA, NY, TX, NV, NJ, FL, CA, CO, TN, IL, HI, RI, SC, MN, VA, AZ, OH, WA, KY, IA, IN, AL, GA, OR, MI, WI.
  • 02
    Mobile Device Requirement:You must have either an iPhone 7 or newer or Android 5+ with NFC.
  • 03
    Pre-existing Metabolic Condition:The Wearable Challenge is intended only for general wellness purposes and at this time we cannot work with anyone with a preexisting metabolic condition such as diagnosed diabetes.
  • 04
    Challenge Trial Period Start Date: All participants must apply their sensors on August 17th, 2020 for a 2 day experimentation period so that participants can learn how certain foods impact their blood glucose. It’s important that sensors are not applied before August 17th. If sensors are applied before then, the participant will not get paid back for the experimentation days and also might miss out on payments once the challenge has officially began.
  • 05
    Challenge Official Start Date: The challenge officially starts on August 19th, 2020 at 12:01am. All participants must have their sensors installed and be able to participate in the challenge at this date and time or otherwise miss payouts.
  • 06
    Logging Activity Daily: Participants must log food (by taking a photo) and exercise (by indicating time of exercise) in the Levels app to participate.
  • 07
    Payouts: Payouts are made to participants if they remain under 120mg/dl, have no gaps in glucose reading between 7:00am and 10:00pm (participant's time zone), and have logged all food and exercise for the day. Payouts are sent in a lump sum at the end of the 28 days via paypal. All participants must have a PayPal account and be able to accept PayPal payments.
  • 08
    Refunds: Since this is a challenge to encourage accountability and adherence, no refunds will be made. Exceptions may be made for participants who must exit the challenge for medical reasons. In these instances, documentation must be provided for verification purposes.

Ready for the challenge?

The next step is to send a request to join. We review all applications to ensure that you'll be a good fit for the program.

Challenge Start Date: August 17th, 2020


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