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Put money on the line, wear a continuous glucose monitor that we provide, and get paid back for every day you control your blood glucose.

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A wearable-enabled, financial accountability experiment

Use a financial incentive to improve your adherence and the technology of a continuous glucose monitor to measure your progress and hold you accountable.

As a participant of the Wearable Challenge, you'll get:

  • exclusive access to the Levels beta program
  • a private chat and community of health geeks like yourself
  • educational content and resources on metabolic health
  • ability to earn weekly cash prizes and health products throughout the challenge


Success Rate

9 lbs

Average Weight loss



How the challenge works

Step 1

Wager money

Step 2

Wear a CGM

Step 3

Lose weight

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Frequently asked questions

How do the continuous glucose monitors work?
Each challenge participant gets exclusive access to the Levels beta program which utilizes the Freestyle Libre 14-day continuous glucose monitor system. Each sensor last 14 days at which point they are discarded. You receive two (2) sensors to last the entire duration of the 28 day challenge.

What do I need to eat in order to be successful
While a keto diet is not a requirement for the challenge, you'll have the most success with a keto or low carb diet. Other lifestyle factors like sleep, stress, and physical activity will also help you be more successful in controlling your blood sugars.

How much does it cost?
The program & sensors cost $250, but in order to participate you'll also wager $700 to create financial incentive to adhere to the entire 28 day program. Each day you remain stay below 120mg/dL, you'll earn back $25. If you are successful each day, you can earn your entire $700 wager back.

What if exercise causes me to spike?
You can log exercise in the app so that any exercise-related spikes over the challenge threshold of 120mg/dL do not disqualify you from the challenge.

Can I get the sensors wet?
Sensors can be worn while bathing, showering or swimming. Don't take sensors deeper than 3 feet or for longer than 30 minutes. Note: The FreeStyle Libre system has not been tested in sea water.

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Wear a CGM and stick to your weight loss goals. All challenge participants get exclusive access to Levels' beta metabolic health program and their CGM technology.

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