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weight loss challenge

Put money on the line, wear a continuous glucose monitor, and get paid back for every day you stay within range.

Next Challenge Start Date: November 27, 2020
Registration Closes: November 8th

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Registration is limited to 50 and closes May 25th


Success Rate

9 lbs

Average Weight loss



How it works

Step 1

Submit a wager to enter challenge.

Step 2

We send a continuous glucose monitor

Step 3

Stay in range and earn money back and lose weight

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The CGM holds you accountable.

Stay accountable by using a Levels continuous glucose monitor that is painless to apply. All challenge participants get exclusive access to Levels' beta metabolic health program and their CGM technology.

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About the Challenge

The Wearable Challenge is a 28 day weight-loss accountability challenge where players put money on the line and wear a continuous glucose monitor to track blood glucose levels and determine when they get paid back.

The program is in beta and we're still working out some kinks, but the first cohort held in April was a huge success. Since then, we've had 3 successfull cohorts with a 90% success rate. On average, participants lose 9 lbs during the 28 day challenge.

We're excited to open registrations back up for upcoming cohorts and help even more people reach their goals.

If you have any questions about the program, feel free to get in touch.

Who's behind this?

This is a social experiment started (via tweet) by Justin Mares. We've partnered with Levels Health to help people achieve their health goals through wearable-enabled accountability challenges.

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