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CGM Challenge

Stake money to hold yourself accountable.
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Make the commitment and hit reset on your diet

You'll stake money as a commitment device and wear a CGM to keep you honest.  Then, you'll join a cohort of other health-optimizers all seeking to learn and improve together. For each day you stay below the threshold, you keep your stake.  Do well, and earn your entire stake back while achieving your fitness goals.

01. Stake money

Hold yourself accountable to the challenge objectives by staking a daily amount of your choice ($5, $10, or $20) for 30 challenge days with 6 free experiment days.

02. Apply a CGM

We send you two (2) continuous glucose monitors plus exclusive access to the Levels beta program.

03. Stay below 120mg/dL

Each day you complete the challenge objectives you keep how much you stake. If you do well, earn all your stake back while achieving your goals.

What's Included

30 days of accountability
1:1 coaching from our metabolic health coach
3 Dexcom G6 CGMs
Early access to the Levels beta program
4-week metabolic guide + resources
A supportive challenge community

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